F***** These Tests

Standardized testing is part of every student’s life. The differences lie in how the tests are created, how we prepare for them, and what is expected from the results. The end of year tests are used for data, measuring growth, analyzed, supposedly used for curriculum development and impact a teacher’s rating for the school year….

Don’t Have Kids

I literally don’t suggest having kids. If you are not ready to give all of yourself to make someone happy, healthy, and strong, DON’T.

DIY Rhinestone shoes

Following up on my Glittery shoes. I wanted to work with (p)leather/ the type of material I would be working with for my wedding shoes. It is different than working with canvas, but the process is pretty similar. I cannot wait to stun in these at some special event (peeks through my husband’s google calendar for a date…

DIY Sparkle Shoes

I wanted to find shoes that I love for my wedding, so I decided to make them! If you love glitter like I do, this is your thing.

I Quit my Job Today

Why is it so common to have crippling college debt?
How come with 2 degrees, it is expected that we need extra income? What can I do to change this?

Boy Bye. Not Sorry.

There is no safe activity, no outfit, no location, and no title that will alleviate us from this harassment.

Eyebrows on FLEEK

Until I am looking like an electrocuted bush of some sort, I am not worried.


I HOPE this post inspires at least one person, not necessarily to make a change in how you present yourself to the world, but how you see yourself in the mirror.


That is my weakness. I love food. I love trying new recipes, new restaurants, different styles of food and cooking or grilling with family. I can often be found scrolling through those 30 second cooking clips…for like a half hour lol. I will be featuring the things that I cook/bake/eat on this page. I just…