How did I become SenSaishaNal?

My name is Saisha. For those of you with “hard-to-read” names think back to yourself in any classroom, right before roll-call. That face you’re making. That’s my life. I do not think my name is difficult to pronounce, I apparently think WRONG lol. I have been called everything from Stacy to Tanya…(yup, Tanya…WHAT?!)

giphy (14).gif

There are a few words that actually have the sound of my name in them.

  • Sensational: causing great public interest and excitement.
  • Insatiable: impossible to satisfy

When I was introduced to the word Insatiable, someone immediately gave a sexual reference…and to me that instantly made it undesirable haha.

I tend not to use my real name on social media because I am a teacher, and my students are ALWAYS trying to find me (creepy). I do not need middle schoolers all over my social media, so I used this nickname. It’s a bit different now that I have taken to blogging…everybody should be all over my social media, I’m good with that haha.

Destiny’s child said it best,

giphy (13).gif


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