Ladies, if you want to catch a man, you should go natural. That’s what “real men” want… why don’t you know this by now? While we’re at it, take off all that make up! Your perfume is obnoxious, you should only be using natural juices and berries! Give in to my pushy and rude assumptions!!

I hope you know I’m joking by now.

I will HONESTLY say that I love the natural look on women (and definitely men) and that is okay. That is my preference for myself and my people. My husband loves my natural hair and fresh face (and now crusty first thing in the morning face lol). This is his preference. This is part of how we found each other and got together…and that’s okay. It is also okay if that is NOT your preference. It is DEFINITELY okay if you are not doing it for a man, or even looking for a man.

What isn’t okay is belittling how someone sees themself. We have different preferences for a reason. You may see it as “Just a suggestion” but I suggest, you mind your own business.

I know women that have had natural hair for years but wear wigs and weaves and that’s their preference. My cousin has done it all, including combing out her dreads and getting sista locks. I know guys that are attracted to women with natural hair and guys that are not. I know women that have no interest in having natural hair at all. The important thing is that you are comfortable with yourself and how you walk out of the door every day. A few of my best friends have “big chopped” recently. One of them said, “I was going to put on a wig or get a weave, but then I thought ‘why would I put that effort into someone else’s hair? When I could put that same time and effort into my own?'” The two cute photo bombers above (Tanay and RJ) both just chopped and Tanay’s boyfriend said, “Now I’ve really got to be worried about the guys hitting on you”

giphy (1).gif

By now you have to have seen one of these makeup tutorials where the girl starts out looking like a regular everyday person and ends up looking like she’s going to be America’s Next Top Model…or a puppy. My reactions to these videos range from ‘Why would she do that?’ to ‘HOW DID SHE DO THAT?!’


People use makeup in different ways, for different reasons. As a fat girl, I never felt like makeup would hide the thing I saw as my greatest flaw growing up, so I didn’t get caught up in it. There are of course waist trainers and all sorts of other things, but that is a different post. To this day, most pictures you will find of me are bare faced. The most is eyeliner and lipstick. My husband said, “I would hate it if you walked into a room and came out looking like someone else” after watching these makeup transformations. That is his preference. Your partner should love you the way you look. You should also love the way you look.

I WISH every woman loved the way they look fresh out of the shower. I wish beauty and hair was not a multi billion dollar industry because people were comfortable with how they look and knew how to take care of themselves without assistance and tons of products. I wish the same beauty mothers see in their babies ringlets, they could see in their own crown. I wish these beauty standards had not been institutionalized and built around looks that my people genetically do not have. I wish the same beauty standards weren’t so ridiculous that even the models and actors we see don’t even fulfill them naturally. I wish we could respect each others decisions and be treated with respect no matter how we look.

I HOPE this post inspires at least one person, not necessarily to make a change in how you present yourself to the world, but how you see yourself in the mirror. 


Feel Free to tell me your thoughts!

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