Eyebrows on FLEEK

Did I tell you about the time I got my eyebrows threaded?… I HATED IT.

I have gotten my eyebrows done TWICE in my whole life. One time was for my wedding and the other was last week for a photo shoot with my husband. To be fair, it’s not like i’ve been walking around my whole life like…

giphy (2).gif

but I just really didn’t love the results. The woman was nice, I was in a clearly cultural shop, it was cheaper (by a few bucks) than that one time I got my eyebrows waxed. It was quick and I will not lie to you and say it was painless.

Since this fleekery my eyebrows have itched like crazy, I felt like I looked super weird in the pictures, and I have received a total of 2 compliments on them. One of whom came from my husband and that was a week after I got them done.

In all I just feel like it’s another procedure that can be done away with. It contributes to more unattainable beauty standards. More stress for us women. I may go get them done one last time for my upcoming winter wedding, I may not. Until I am looking like an electrocuted bush of some sort, I am not worried.



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