I Quit my Job Today

I quit my job today. I didn’t quit my career, I will still be going back into the classroom in September, but I told the tutoring company I am working for that I will not be continuing with them into the school year.


The boss looked at me like I had lost my mind. She started to ask me several questions, but she paused, and said, “You must not have any student loans”

I laughed nervously at the thought of this sentiment. “I don’t” is all I said, with a smile but many thoughts swirled around my head as it happened.

  • Why is it so common to have crippling college debt?
  • How come with 2 degrees, it is expected that we need extra income?
  • Why is this something she is using as her hook to keep people here?
  • Why shouldn’t I value personal/family time over some extra cash?
  • Does she expect her kids to be in debilitating debt? (they also work there)

Most importantly

  • What do I have to do to make sure this isn’t an issue that myself or anyone in my family (including my nonexistent children) has to deal with?

I’m trying to set up my future now. We have to get ahead of the game and make intentional moves.



6 thoughts on “I Quit my Job Today

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  1. The mentality of your boss is unfortunately what many think. I haven’t quit my job, but was able to move it to a part time work from home position. That was 4 years ago and I haven’t looked back. Being with our children and spending time with my husband on his days off (he gets 4 in a row) is most important. We travel and explore local places. It has also given me the opportunity to start a home business. All on my terms! You made a great decision and hopefully you will make others think about what they want their lives to be…


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