DIY Rhinestone shoes

Following up on my Glittery shoes. I wanted to work with (p)leather/ the type of material I would be working with for my wedding shoes. It is different than working with canvas, but the process is pretty similar. I cannot wait to stun in these at some special event (peeks through my husband’s google calendar for a date night). Try it out yourself!


  1. Gather materials
    • Rhinestones of all desired sizes
    • Gem glue
    • Toothpicks
    • Table Cloth
  2. Decide what typeof pattern you want. These
    beautiful…but not ME
    shoes are inspired by a pair I saw a friend in. (right). Super cute, too high for me, and rather organized looking. I decided I wanted a less organized look. Just overall sparkly-ness. You should decide which you would like to do before any glue hits the shoes. If you do want to make a pattern, or you want the two shoes to mirror each other, you should do them both at the same time.
  3. Clean Shoe throughly. The stones won’t stick to dirt as well as a clean surface.
  4. Place a dot of glue and spread it out a bit with the toothpick, then start putting on stones. Only put a little bit of glue at a time, so you have a place to hold the shoe. I suggest starting with the bigger rhinestones you have, then filling in with smaller ones. I decided to use these shoes in particular, because my grandma’s dog decided to make a chew toy out of them a  while ago but I didn’t want to sacrifice comfy heels.
  5. The good thing about the gem glue is that it doesn’t dry instantly, so as you’re adding stones they will be able to move around and allow you to cover the shoe completely.
  6. You will notice, you think you’re “done” but there seem to be little holes. This is when you go back with a little bit of glue on a toothpick and pick up a stone to place into the blank spots. Repeat this process until the look YOU WANT is complete.Notice the bite marks are no longer visible. They were not an issue when I was gluing.


Overall the clean up is much lower maintenance than the glitter shoes, but the process takes more time because it is meticulous. I really love the shoes though! Try it out and please tag me! 


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