Don’t Have Kids

If you’re anything like me, you often get caught up on Instagram feeds full of chubby armed, toothless, beautiful babies…turn back it’s a TRAP!


Okay, so they’re cute when they’re not yours, but as a teacher, consistently seeing children who are dying for:

  • love
  • attention
  • friends
  • confidence
  • to feel good

I literally don’t suggest having kids. If you are not ready to give all of yourself to make someone happy, healthy, and strong, DON’T. There are a lot of ways to NOT get pregnant/get anyone else pregnant. Don’t create a person and not actually treat them right.

I wasn’t raised by my parents because when I was born, they were not ready to raise me. I mean I turned out pretty great and all, but I wouldn’t subject a person to my upbringing. My grandma is easily one of the most amazing people ever created, but she had already raised 2 generations when I was born. (Yes she’s my GREAT-grandma). I wouldn’t have subjected her to raising a child at 60 years old either!

Isn’t this the cutest!!

Okay, I’m kidding, KINDA. Kids can be great, if you actually WANT them. All the good vibes to any parents reading this, who know they go hard for their babies. (Us teachers appreciate you).



30 thoughts on “Don’t Have Kids

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    1. Thanks! I’m glad I could make you chuckle. This is my first year teaching high-school, I taught middle school for few years before and I’ve seen so many kids that just need more love. Idk how you did it with kindergarten, they’re adorable… But that energy level is way too much for me lol

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    1. Lol I say that all the time, “I don’t have kids ON PURPOSE” lol I’m glad you figured out is not for you! I think a lot of people feel pressured to have children, as if there aren’t enough in the world to take care of already.


  1. I go so hard for my kids. I thought that is what all parents did. I learned otherwise when my son’s teacher gave us an award for being incredible parents. These cute kids turn into not always cute kids and its a tough job.

    Thanks for all that you do as a teacher, you are appreciated.

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    1. It’s more than a full time job! You get to leave work sometime, kids are a minimum 18yr commitment! 24/7! I do believe that the work you put in shows in how amazing of a person you help develop that adorable baby into… But it’s work work work work work


    1. It is sad, but I truly wish more people are interested in adoption. My husband and I do plan to adopt a child, once we really get to baby time anyway. Neither one of us were raised by our biological parents, that didn’t matter though. That was even part of what made me realize he was the one, having the desire to adopt.


  2. Yes, so true! You should definitely not have children if you’re not ready to fully commit to raising them and providing them with the love and care and attention that they need.


  3. You are absolutely correct. Parenting is an all or none time of job. You can’t only love your kid a little bit and think that attitude is going grow a positive person.

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  4. LISTEN LINDA… LOL! You ain’t gotta tell me twice! My hubby and I have been on the same page for years: team no kids, lol.


  5. I totally understand where you are coming from. I am a mom and I love my kids to death. I also work with kids in an afterschool program and see what you see every day. They have the name brand clothes but really have no love or attention and they are starving for it. Thanks for sharing.


  6. A lot of good honest thoughts from someone who has been through the parents not being around. Glad you had your special grandma in your life but I agree not everyone should be having kids and multiple at that


  7. This is a fun, totally real post. Love it! I don’t have children (by choice), but like you said, having children should be a choice, one that people are ready to fully envelop and choose wisely. Great article! Cheers.


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