F***** These Tests

Standardized testing is part of every student’s life. The differences lie in how the tests are created, how we prepare for them, and what is expected from the results.

The end of year tests are used for data, measuring growth, analyzed, supposedly used for curriculum development and impact a teacher’s rating for the school year. I am a special education teacher, I will gladly do all sorts of crazy things in my classroom for my students to understand what is going on and how to solve their problems and I KNOW they are afraid of tests. Testing also stresses teachers, because we know that the scores can be read and used to “prove” that we are not effective in the classroom. This is what causes, “teaching to the test” this is what causes anxiety for students and teachers alike.

I say all this because I wish every kid knew that THESE TESTS DON’T MATTER. You will get a score. It may lead you to a certain class placement. Someone you have never met quantifies you. You never know who they are, where they are, and know just as much about you.

They do not know that you:

  • take care of your 3 younger siblings
  • are an amazing chef
  • are hilarious
  • can dance better than anyone else in your neighborhood
  • just watched your grandma pass away
  • train puppies at pet smart
  • are overall an amazing person

(left intentionally blank, so you may insert the amazing things you know about yourself or your kids )

FORGET about the tests. Take it. Do your best. That is all.

Please share testing/relaxation strategies and tips in the comments. 🙂





2 thoughts on “F***** These Tests

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  1. I have told students many times that test scores do not determine your future. Do your best. The questions that are presented on these tests are extremely complex. Not everyone interprets questions the same. That’s what makes our students so unique.

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