680,000 steps to Get my LIFE

I have decided to challenge myself, and dedicate myself to completing the Surgeon General’s (and my health tracker’s) recommended 10k steps per day. This may not seem like an amazing goal for everyone, but when you’re an adult who drives, it is easy to fall short of this.

I have chosen this goal for a few reasons.

  1. It is reasonable! – Setting an impossible goal will always cause failure
  2. It will force me to push myself.
  3. Walking is something I can do on a daily basis (even though apparently I am not doing it enough lol)
  4. It is something I don’t have to do alone, but I can. – I would love to be part of your NYC based walking group (HMU!) but sometimes walking in solitude is AMAZING.


(Un)Fortunately I am starting this personal challenge off with a deficit! I wanted to challenge myself to all 68 days of my summer vacation (yay #teacherlife),Β but 5 of those days have already passed while I was on vacay (pics on IG) and according to my tracker I am at a total of 25,965 including my few steps this morning instead of the 50,000 I should have already gotten in. So at some point I’ve got to make up for this ~25k step deficit, which I am (almost) confident I can do lol. I honestly don’t expect to necessarily make 10k EVERY day, however I WILL reach my goal by the end of the summer vacation (Labor Day).



Please follow my journey on my twitter @Sen_Saisha_Nal and Insta @Sen_Saisha_Nal

If you have any tips/tricks to help me reach my goal, please leave them in the comments! Feel free to join me in this challenge as well! Update me via twitter or IG!


50 thoughts on “680,000 steps to Get my LIFE

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  1. That’s awesome!!! You can do it!! Remember to celebrate what you have done rather getting stuck on what you haven’t. Celebrate every step you take!!! πŸ™‚ You’ve got this!!!

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  2. You totally GOT this! I’m rooting for you! I need to join you since I sit down all day! I’ve noticed since working from home and sitting down all day, I’ve picked up extra baggage. With the summer weather, I’m trying to do better at getting out to walk on a bike trail near my house. Good luck!

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    1. You know when I’m working I get close, so I can do something simple like go grocery shopping and get it done lol but now not working for the summer I’m learning it really has to be intentional!


  3. That’s such a great goal! Stick to it and you’ll feel so good with your accomplishment. I’d also recommend finding some fun or different places to walk to keep it interesting. I’ve mad simile goals and I have to get creative so that I don’t get bored haha! Good luck!!
    Cheers, Sarah Camille // SCsScoop.com

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    1. That’s certainly in the plan, I am already getting tired of walking at my neighborhood park. While beautiful, a change of scenery /a challenge with some different hills would be good for me. Thanks!

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  4. That’s a great goal. I barely hit my 10,000 steps on a regular day of living and working in NYC, which says a lot. Somehow, on vacations, I can max out at 15,000 steps. That being said, I think you should go on a vacation lol j/k

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    1. You must be going on adventures more than vacations and there is nothing wrong with that! I will take that prescription and forward it to my husband… Maybe he’ll book something lol


  5. Congrats, I’m in a daily step war with my girls. My step goal is also 10,000 a day. I’ve been on vacation this week but I’ve been crushing it. I’m talking 15,000+. I’m doing more here than I do on my daily. I need to work a bit harder while I’m at home.

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  6. This is a toughy but you can do it!! I’ve tried to slowly get myself up to 10,000/day. I can barely do 7000. I’m on sort of a summer vacay too, but I will focus more on the walking goal in the Fall instead. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see if you reach your goal by the deadline!! I’m rooting for ya!!

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