Curlfest 2017!

I had an awesome time on Saturday, attending Curly Girl Collective’s Curlfest! This was my first time attending and I am already planning to go back next year!

There was soooooooo much BEAUTY up in the park! The #blackgirlmagic was at an all time high. It sounded like the best block party you’ve ever imagined and smelled like a tropical rain forest!

There were enough vendors that I could’ve spent my entire paycheck lol I do wish I had spent a few dollars on the Early bird tickets though, like blogger, Life with Tanay already suggested! That goodie bag they received looked amazing! Next year that is definitely the move! (also, sunscreen will be the move, because while I love getting more golden brown in the summer, I currently have a tan line from the necklace I had on lol)

I did snag some Jamaican black castor oil and a fresh cut coconut from Tropic Isle Living, Delicious!

There were just tons of activities, speakers, games, and freebies!

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One of my favorite booths was by Olive Oil, they gave out a nice tote bag, with samples along with having an awesome photo booth and a few friends and I made a GIF. If you know me, you know I love GIFs, you can find it, and a few more curlfest photos, on my IG! See you there next year!




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  1. This sounds like such a cool event!! I wish they had these type of beauty & hair events down here because it’s something I think every girl wants to go to! Annnd, I love the dress 😉


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