Groupon Dating

There was a recent story about a girl who shut down a date for using Groupon … Lemme tell you how much my husband and I BOTH love Groupon and use it all the time! This weekend, I actually went on a dinner date with my best friend (and amazing yoga teacher) Katie.

We ate at La Coya, Peruvian restaurant in Queens, NY. The picture of the food attracted me to the ad and Katie fell head over heels for the menu, so it was a sale. We took a stroll to the restaurant, it happened to be right between our respective apartments. The decor was traditional and the lighting was romantic. We each know how to treat a lady lol.

Peep the stuffed alpaca!

The waitstaff was super polite, they gave recommendations, were friendly, attentive but not overzealous. Katie pointed out that the tip was included, (sign at the door) and that didn’t cause them to be lax, which is a possibility at certain restaurants.

The. Food. Was. Delicious. We had the Yuca Fries with cheese sauce for an appetizer. (literally scraping the plate)


We had discussed Paella earlier in the week, so we both ordered it. It came in a cast iron pot, with fresh red onions on the side. The onions clearly ended up right on top lol. It was delicious. The seafood was fresh and tender. The rice was so flavorful. Tip: Add the green sauce for a little tiny kick. AMAZING.

Arroz con Mariscos (Seafood Paella) Note the scraped plate of yuca fries and cheese sauce lol

The BEST part, maybe not the best, but a great BONUS. We were both so full that we packed up the rest of our food and I swear, it was almost another two meals full of food! Being the primary chef in my house, that truly excited me lol.

So yeah this sounds good, but what did it all cost? The Groupon cost me $16, for $30 worth of food. They didn’t put any restrictions down, you just pay the difference when you’re done. The $61 meal only cost us $47, ($31 + $16 groupon) including the tip. That price for a romantic meal, for 2, with an appetizer is a great deal.

If you see a good Groupon, feel free to RT it to me or tag me in it on Facebook! Where has Groupon taken you? Also, let me know what restaurants you think I should try! 🙂


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  1. I love a great deal, period. If a man took me out on a great deal, I would know that there are more great deals and savings to come! #HesAKeeper

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  2. Groupon is my bestfriend. When I first moved to DC a couple a years ago, Groupon is how I enjoyed the good life without depleting my bank account. I plan to use them for my traveling adventures next.

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  3. See that girl that turned down someone for using Groupon could have lost out on a good man chile! I love Groupon and Livingsocial. I remember I saw a Groupon online when my boyfriend (now husband) were just dating. We had plans for the Southstreet Seaport and I happened to have a Groupon. Yep , no shame. I used it and we had a great time. Now married 5 years and counting. Thanks for sharing your experience with your bestie. Those cheese Yucca fries look yummy!

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    1. I was thinking the same thing! Any man who knows a good deal, could easily be a catch! I’ve heard about living social, I’ve got to look more at their deals, and thanks It was delicious!


  4. This is so cool! I’m always looking for a sale or a deal !!! It’s a love and hate relationship with Groupon ! My mother is always getting the best deals when it comes to Groupon but now I know that I definitely need to look more !

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  5. I love deals like this! I guess I need to pay more attention to Groupon for my husband and I and the different restaurant s that we want to try! We have a running list but this would be great for trying new things!

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  6. That girl is tripping, I won’t ever be mad at someone for saving some money. That is a very immature outlook. That seafood paella looks delicious.

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  7. Groupon is seriously life! And I have groupon dates with my besties all the time! Honestly I should do it more often because you can save a handful of money doing it this way. Also, if my date shunned me for using groupon I would tell them to gladly go away. lolol

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  8. I think it’s an excellent idea to use Groupon on fun dates like that. You can use it as a way to try new things with low financial risk. You might even find something you never knew you liked !

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