Sandy Pond Conservation Area

Our first stop in Cape Cod was Sandy Pond Conservation Area. Nothing like a spontaneous hike to start off a vacation!

Welcome to Sandy Pond Conservation Area

This is an official conservation area for Yarmouth, Massachusetts. There is ample parking and there is even a dog park. It has a simple hiking trail all the way around the pond that has other smaller tangent trails. Several small streams that feed into the pond. The weather was overcast and in the low 70s, perfect for a walk under the trees.

The beginning of it all

The trail was fairly clear, it’s a bit narrow, but you’re not fighting your way through the brush. I would suggest wearing ankle length pants, so no bugs get to you. There weren’t many on the trail, but the second we stepped onto the smaller side trails, there they were!

The Clearest stream ever

To quote Katie, “It’s so green!” The age of the park could be seen in all the embedded roots from the older trees. This one had fallen, possibly from a storm or some other act of nature. Excuse my dramatics lol.

I wanted to fix it! 

There are a few donated benches, and a cute little bridge to hang out on, if you’ve got some time. It could be romantic for an afternoon hike, or just a nice spot to snap some pics, like we did.

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The trail had markers, but not a ton. I believe it would be very difficult to get lost. The trip around took us approximately 45 minutes, with all the stops for pictures, yoga poses, water and enjoying the landscape. This was so fast that we actually did the trail again! (We were waiting for check-in time at the hotel) The second time around, without stopping took us 15 minutes! Lol so I wouldn’t say this is a challenging trail to take at all, but perfect for a nice relaxing walk or just for an inexperienced hiker like myself!




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    1. I completely understand! That’s part of why I actually did this post! We thought we were going to get a longer, more active trail and see at least a little bit of wildlife, since it’s a conservation area and it wasn’t that at all. Hopefully the next person looking to take a hike there has a better idea what they have in store.


  1. I love being outdoors in nature. My instagram is full of pictures from our adventures. Fresh air is so good for us, I love to see others highlighting the benefits.


  2. I love these photos! I also love trying to find nature trails when we travel to new places. Of course they have to be ones that I can’t get lost on, because while I have a great sense of direction, exploring wooded areas with no path doesn’t excite me as much as I would like it too! LOL! My kids are also great troopers and would make sure that we had a camera and backpack to collect (if allowed) interesting items to take back with us.


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