On the Hy-Line

The Hy-Line is the set of ferries and boats that take people from main-land Cape Cod to Nantucket, Martha’s vineyard or just around the harbor for a tour. Katie and I got 5-star treatment, because we were the only two passengers on the Harbor Cruise! so…

Let me tell you about the time my BFFL and I CHARTERED A PRIVATE BOAT TOUR! lol

Oh Captain my captain

From the Harbor Cruise, the views are beautiful! The Wind in your hair is so refreshing! and the price of the tour is completely affordable!

$17 each, and there are certain times when kids ride free!


The tour leaves from the “Pirate Adventures Hyannis” dock at 180 Ocean St. Other Hy-Line trips and Hy-line parking is just on the opposite side of the Bismore Park artist shanties, at 220 Ocean Street. We actually got turned around and headed there first, but they’re so close together, we didn’t ‘miss the boat’

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 2.42.03 AM.png
Most boats leave from the red pin, but tours leave from Pirate Adventures by Spanky’s clam shack

The Harbor cruise took us out into the Nantucket sound and we were able to see the islands, residents and other tourists. Our tour guide told us about all the sights, answered all our questions and was very sweet.


Everyone was rather friendly, waving to us just because we were there! (Not used to that as a New Yorker).



The schedules, maps and directions are all available at the Hy-Line website, so you can plan out your trip time.

cape cod map
The tour takes you from the port (under Barnstable) around the Nantucket sound and back

On the tour we could see the Great Island, Squaw Island, the Kennedy Memorial as well as the Kennedy Compound and other famous residences such as the Shriver home, and a home that was briefly owned by Taylor Swift.


Would I do it again? Yes!


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  1. Great Pictures! I would’ve loved doing this! Our city is right on the lake and I love going out on the boats for parties and dinners! Fun!!!


  2. Cape Cod looks so beautiful! I’ve never been but always wanted to go. Your post is great for people that want to go there! Thanks for sharing your experience! Chartering your own boat is pretty sweet!


  3. Sounds like you and your friend had a wonderful little trip! I’ve lived in Boston for over three years and I’ve never actually gone to Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket Island, so you’ve got one up on me! I’ll have to finally go and take that ferry!


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