Queens International Night Market

I can’t believe I waited so long to attend Queens International Night Market! The Market is basically a food frenzy, featuring live performances, games, and of course FOOD!

Last Saturday I attended the even with a handful of friends. It all goes down at Flushing Meadows park, right behind the Hall of Science.

Why it was great:

  1. Amazing food
  2. Free Parking! If you get there early, you don’t even have to fight for a spot.
  3. Chill environment. Very relaxed, family friendly. It did get a big crowded later in the evening, but there was still space in the grass to hang out and not feel like you were elbow to elbow in with other patrons.
  4. Pretty cheap! My husband and I collectively spent around $40 and that was after trying a lot of different food and beverages.  Each item is an average of $5.

Things to prepare for:

  1. You may want to bring a chair or blanket, so you can sit in the grass.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes, as you could be standing for a while
  3. Bring CA$H. I remember seeing a lot of “Cash ONLY” signs, but there was an ATM available right at the entrance.
  4. Overall I suggest getting there towards the beginning @6pm because by 9 when we were leaving, people were fighting for parking, the lines were pretty intense and it was a bit dark in the grassy area. I do think that it would be a fun environment later in the evening though if it were like a date-night.

The Night Market is shutting down for a bit due to the US Open, but it will be returning and I plan to return as well!

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42 thoughts on “Queens International Night Market

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  1. Oh, this is my kind of activity. I love to eat and try new things. I’m shocked so many vendors were cash only. In 2017 everyone should have a credit card reader.


  2. I like markets like this, although the last time I went was in Thailand. I like trying the different types of food and being in the environment with people. Glad you all had a great date night. I think most vendors should get with the program and have credit card readers, I hardly every carry cash.


  3. I love food festivals like this! I remember years ago, when I lived in Rochester, NY they used to have a festival where you bought food tickets for $1 each and went around to various booths and bought dishes for 1 to 4 tickets each. It was fun experiencing new restaurants.


  4. This looks fun! It is always hard to get me out to festivals and markets, but once I get out there, I always have a fantastic time. Tasting all those foods is always at the top of my list.


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