Horse Pond Conservation Area

More Hiking! Continuing with my trip to Hyannis, MA My bestie and I went on another hike! It is amazing to get out in nature and be able to walk and talk and breathe without choking on something lol. Being form NYC, that truly is a luxury.

KT leads the way!

The second hike we took was at, , another one of the Hyannis Ponds Conservation areas. This one was a little different than the first. This trail didn’t have as clear cut of a beginning as the one at Sandy Pond. There was a small parking area that was just right off the street, that could only fit a few cars.

The trail had a clear marker at the start as well as some marks on the trees that followed. There were also two tangent trails that we ran into. That just circled back on each other…?

The Pond itself was very sandy, there were actual homes surrounding it. There weren’t any friendly neighbors to wave at, unlike on our Hyannis port harbor cruise.

There were however tons of pretty flowers and again, IT WAS SO GREEN! It had plenty of good spots for a nice view, or some yoga!

The only problem we had was…it didn’t have an END. Being that the trail was by the pond, we expected it to go AROUND the pond…NOPE. After our first stop at the pond, we came to a fork in the road. There were no markers to follow either. We ended up in someone’s driveway lol then we went back to the fork and went the other direction. This caused us to end up back on another street. WHAT?! Honestly had I been alone, I might have been a bit nervous, but together in our endless conversation, we were fine. Confused, but fine.

I don’t think I would suggest Horse pond trail as highly as I would suggest Sandy Pond, but the pond was a nice view.


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  1. I love to hike as a way to clear my mind and enjoy the day. I would not be so happy with a trial that didn’t end, though. At least the view was nice. LOL!


  2. I like the view of the pond! I wonder if the trail is highly used since there are no markers. I wonder how does the city decide if they want to make hiking areas more accessible to the public.


    1. LOL You are right about that, maybe we just got lucky and weren’t attacked by bugs, there were only a few spots where we even saw them. We did walk past a big spider web, but I couldn’t get a good picture.


  3. I love getting out in nature and exploring while on vacation. I just took a recent “fitcation” to kickstart my journey back to my healthy ways and it was just what the doctor around. An escape from city life is always awesome.


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