Hello Hyannis!

Hyannis, Massachusetts is a beautiful tourist destination with many sights to see, shops to visit and amazing food. This is just a short list of some of the things you can do in Hyannis, mostly just walking down and around Main Street.

There are several Art galleries, as well as Artist Shanties stationed along Main street across from many of the restaurants. They had art for viewing and for sale.


The Why-Duh Pirate museum was very interesting. It was more informative than we expected. We were thinking pirate like Jack sparrow or Captain Hook, but there was genuine treasure and history there. Katie even got into the pirate spirit so much, she tried to walk away with her own treasure!



There are tons of shops that are very diverse, but a lot of them also just sell souvenirs and that’s fine too. They also have a lot of these little cutouts to take pictures in.


There is so much nature. Pretty flowers to smell and just observe, if your allergies permit.


Of course there is plenty of food.


The Harbor Tour was one of my personal highlights, I loved it.


The JFK Memorial was a nice trail to walk, it also led to the beach!


This was such a relaxing spot, even after the crowd picked up a bit, it was still so beautiful to sit out and talk, tan and do yoga.



Cape Cod 2017 – Friends Forever

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  1. I’ve never visited Massachusetts but I love that it is so diverse from city life to suburbs. I would definitely visit a beach town if I went.


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