My Earliest Memory

I honestly have a lot of great memories from my childhood, things that make me smile, people who I still know thanks to advancements in technology and social media. Photo albums covered with dust at Grandma’s house are filled withΒ pictures from dance classes and summer camp. The one that stands out to me the most…

Decriminalize my SKIN

I started thinking back and trying to figure out what is going on in this country. Looking back at recent events, fueling the Black Lives Matter movement. Thinking about how my family, students, neighbors and my own life has changed in the past few years. I hate where we are, how we have to think, what we…

Have Time, Will Travel

I love to travel, I also have no money and little time. This list can help you plan your next trip!

Weddings are CRAP

What I learned from my wedding is, DO ABSOLUTELY WHATEVER YOU WANT!

Customizing Education

We customize everything in our lives, why would we do any differently with education?